The if/else podcast is a new show that launched last september.

A career in technology is full of choices. We’re here to help you make smart ones. In each episode, we meet a software developer who needs to make an if/else choice. From important technical decisions to sticky career challenges, we cover the hard and soft skills you need for a sustainable and rewarding career in tech… at any stage of your career.

They cover very interesting dilemmas that many people encounter in the software industry. Vue or React? Computer Science degree or Bootcamp? Remote or on-site? GitHub or GitLab? GCP or AWS?

As of right now my career path is more on the Ops/DevOps side of things, but my degree is focused of software engineering so I'm very interested in the dev community.

The podcast is hosted by Mayuko Inoue which I have been following for a while on YouTube where she gives lots of advices about the tech industry among other things.

I like this podcast because unlike the usual host-guest uncut format which lasts 1h+, Mayuko has edited the podcast in a very dynamic way, with lots of guests from various points of view. It's a pretty dense podcast which may require you to be a little bit more focused than usual podcasts, but at least it's very time efficient.

Moreover, each episode has a double sided subject (should I use this or this are a software engineer), so you can be confident in what to expect from each episode. For example, React vs Vue is a more precisely-defined topic than Javascript Frameworks.

The latest episode even features Kelsey Hightower, which is one of my favorite people in the tech world!

I personally listen to if/else on Spotify but it's available on multiple platforms.

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