I host and manage a few public services. Here is a list!

Name Software Notes
mstdn.io Mastodon Over 10k accounts!
kpop.social Mastodon
tube.kpop.social Peertube Closed-registrations instance, used for SMTM reuploads and more
privatebin.angristan.xyz PrivateBin
wallabag.angristan.xyz Wallabag Deleted
riot.angristan.xyz Riot Deleted
searx.angristan.xyz Searx Deleted
pleroma.angristan.xyz Pleroma Deleted
dspr.io Diaspora* Down
fedigram.social Pixelfed Down, will be reinstalled once pixelfed is stable
peertube.moe Peertube Down
peertube.xyz Peertube Down
paste.angristan.xyz Hastebin Deleted

Running these cost time and money! I would appreciate if you supported me on Patreon.